Monday, May 18, 2020

Products for COVID-19

Good day,

Am MARIA GOMEZ am the INTERNATIONAL TRADE & COMPLIANCE DIRECTOR writing from MEDICPRODUCTION in mexico, We are the leading medical production company in America and United states and we have won the race for almost 15 years and counting, We are currently leading the fight against COVID-19 in this region and also donated about 10million face mask to United staes and also Mexico, We are currently the leaders in ICU and ventilators and we are suppling to New York to combat the Epicenter.
We are certified by the WHO and America CDC..

Am here to intimate you for the sales of face mask and other medical products to fight COVID-19, our price is best to none and with a good quality to rely on, We are EU certified and supply to companies that wants to get back to work as a part of the guidlines giving by WHO and CDC, We also sell a mini test kit and will produce result in an hour for companies and firms to be free to start work....

We can sell to:

1. Individuals
2. companies
3. resellers
4. hospitals
5. Goverments etc

Thank you as i await your positive reply

Thank you for you support .

Best Regards
Whatsapp: +5215620732704
phone number: +5215620732704

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