Monday, October 16, 2017

Hurricane Irma will be 'quite expensive' for FPL customers

Sonnen to deliver 3,000 storage systems for Arizona community |

First Solar to support trade case petitioners Suniva and Solarworld, GTM |

Uh Oh. FS breaks ranks with the rest of the industry. I will admit that they have been in a constant race with their supposedly lower cost thin film chasing PV to no margins. Since they are exempt, tarrifs would be an instant demand and margin creator, although at the expense of everyone else in the value chain.

Survey: Manufacturing In New York Accelerated In October

Fwd: Neutron star collision triggers worldwide discoveries

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Multiple cosmic mysteries may be solved by the observation of a merger between two super-dense neutron stars. | 
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Monday 16 October 2017

Hello Nature readers,

Today we delight in the torrent of discoveries unleashed by gravitational wave, γ-ray, optical, X-ray and radio observations of a spectacular collision between two super-dense neutron stars.

Artist's impression of colliding neutron stars
A simulation of the merger of two neutron stars (W. Kastaun/T. Kawamura/B. Giacomazzo/R. Ciolfi/A. Endrizzi.)

Neutron-star merger is source of heavy elements, gamma ray bursts

An epic collision between two super-dense neutron stars has simultaneously solved multiple cosmic mysteries. Observations confirm that such explosive stellar encounters are a source of mysterious short γ-ray bursts. Also, that neutron-star collisions are where gold, platinum, uranium and many rare earth elements are formed. Researchers published several dozen papers in at least five journals today based on the event, which was detected on Earth on 17 August.

By the numbers

• Name of the neutron-star collision event: GW170817
• Distance from Earth: 40 million parsecs (130 million light years)
• Amount of gold flung into space: about 10 times Earth's mass
• Duration of the gravitational-wave signal: 100 seconds (the longest ever observed)
• Research teams involved in observations: over 70 on all seven continents
• Authors of the overview paper in The Astrophysical Journal Letters: 3,566

How a stellar event ripples around the world

The neutron-star collision detected on 17 August kicked off the strongest and longest gravitational-wave signal ever seen on Earth, spotted first by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) in the United States and by its Italy-based counterpart Virgo. Discover how such an event triggers a worldwide network of smaller telescopes, often built on a shoestring budget, to spring into action to search for flares of light coming from the same spot.

"We could all use a nap. And a pizza."

Astrophysicist Shane Larson describes the life-changing experience of observing a neutron-star collision, why the part he's most excited about is measuring the expansion of the Universe, and the biggest thing we don't know about the discovery: what is the thing left over?

Artist's impression of colliding neutron stars
A simulation of the merger of two neutron stars (W. Kastaun/T. Kawamura/B. Giacomazzo/R. Ciolfi/A. Endrizzi.) Can't see the animation? Click to watch it in your browser.

Prepare for larger, longer wildfires

The brutal, immediate effects of climate change have arrived in western North America in the form of wildfires. We need ambitious, flexible plans to adapt, says climate change researcher Kathie Dello.

How Congress derailed the DEA's war on opioids

The epidemic of opioid-related deaths in the US has been allowed to run rampant because drug distributors are lobbying Congress on an epic scale, says an investigation by The Washington Post and 60 Minutes. Congress has passed laws reducing the Drug Enforcement Administration's power to freeze suspicious narcotic shipments that may end up on the black market.

The particle pioneer

Fifty years ago, Steven Weinberg published the iconic paper that gave rise to the standard model and inspired the CERN experimental programme. He tells of the pleasure of seeing one of your 'squiggles' come to describe reality, how science is like sexing a chicken, and why finding the standard-model Higgs boson (and nothing else) is a "nightmare scenario".

Quote of the day

"You can afford rent! You can have a family! You can report sexual harassment!"

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Flora Graham, senior editor, Nature Briefing


Yellen Sounds Upbeat On Economy, Signaling Likely Rate Hike

Inside the ‘adult day-care center’: How aides try to control and coerce Trump - The Washington Post

Saturday, October 14, 2017

All the Orange Duce wants is all on bended knee

Trump Pushes Obamacare To Detonation, Forges Path Away From GOP, Democrats (and most Americans)

NHC Active Tropical Cyclones

Very rare Cape Verdi originated hurricane going from cat 1 to cat 3 as it enters increasingly cold waters as it heads north in the Atlantic. Now threatening Ireland.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fwd: RE: Solar Leads October Special Promotion

See what this company gets paid for paying other people commish to bang out telemarketing calls all day.
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Subject: RE: Solar Leads October Special Promotion



We're now more than halfway through 2017 and our Solar leads is still in it's lowest price. This offer is limited only for order's placed for October 1-31.


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We would like to set up a call and go over any details and or questions you may have.


If you place your 1st order within these dates the price will be locked in and grandfathered for all future orders. What is the best date and time to reach you?


Ella Loren

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GE to deliver 174 MW inverters to Atlas Renewable Energy solar projects in Brazil |

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

EDF continues to show in low-bid records

Abu Dhabi group bids record-low PV price in Saudi Arabia

Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) and EDF Energies Nouvelles (EDF EN) have jointly filed a record-low PV bid equivalent to $1.79/MWh for the 300 MW Sakaka Project in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom's Renewable Energy Project Development Office (REPDO) said October 3.

Eight consortiums made it through to the bidding stage, submitting bids between $1.79/MWh and $3.4/MWh, REPDO said.

The Masdar consortium's bid is far lower than the record price of $24.2/MWh for the 1.2 GW Sweihan project in Abu Dhabi, bid by a consortium including Japanese investment company Marubeni, China's Jinko Solar and the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA).

Prior to the Sweihan bid, a Masdar-led consortium held the record for the lowest PV price with its $29.9/MWh bid for the 800 MW DEWA III project in Dubai. In March, EDF EN announced it had joined the DEWA III consortium.



Monty Bannerman

ArcStar Energy



Interior Secretary Zinke’s claim that the U. S. has struggled to produce ‘low-cost, abundant and reliable energy’

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Solar power is the fastest growing source of global energy

Solar power is the fastest growing source of global energy // Engadget

Solar power was the fastest-growing source of global energy last year, overtaking growth from all other forms, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The spurt is largely attributed to lower prices and changing government policies encouraging a shift away from traditional power sources, such as coal. China, for example, has played an important role in renewable energy's prominence, accounting for almost half of all new solar panels installed worldwide.

Many experts are heralding a "new era" in solar photovoltaics (PV), anticipating that solar PV capacity growth will be higher than any other renewable technology up until 2022. In fact, the IEA has admitted it had underestimated how fast green energy was growing, noting that many countries are set for a solar boom in the coming years. India's renewable energy capacity is expected to double by 2022, overtaking the EU.

However, the IEA has said that despite these encouraging figures, there are uncertainties ahead. Donald Trump's pledge to revive coal has put the country's position as the second fastest-growing renewables market in jeopardy, especially if the US International Trade Commission were to impose tariffs on imports of Chinese solar panels. However the forecast for now, according to the IEA, remains bright.

Source: IEA


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