Monday, May 18, 2020

Administration is definitely into incentives for Nukes

U.S. Energy Department Launches $230 Million Initiative to Support Advanced Nuclear Reactors

The U.S. Energy Department on May 14 announced the launch of the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program, which will provide $160 million initial funding for two reactors to be operational in the next five to seven years. The program will establish cost-shared partnerships  with U.S. industry to expedite the demonstration of advanced nuclear reactors. The funding is part of the $230 million appropriated by Congress for the fiscal year 2020 budget to start a demonstration program. The department aims to strengthen the nation's leadership role in the global nuclear industry and ensure energy security.The program seeks to engage teams or joint ventures across nuclear industry entities, for profit and nonprofit organizations, government authorities, and academia to apply for the funding opportunity.  

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