Friday, July 26, 2013

Euro politicians foolishly put a floor price on Chinese panels

China and EU to reach deal on solar trade dispute

26.07.2013: China and the EU are close to striking a deal that would avert punitive duties on Chinese solar products imported into the EU, reports Reuters, citing unidentified Chinese and European sources. According to Reuters, China's envoys have agreed to central elements of a deal with the EU that's been in the making since June 21. After 6 weeks of talks, China and the EU are close to agreeing on a minimum price at which Chinese solar panels must be sold in the EU and on an annual quota for Chinese imports. In recent weeks, the EU has been pushing for a minimum solar panel price of 55 euro cents (72¢) per W and an annual quota equal to 60% of EU demand. A compromise is expected to be announced soon. In an effort to defuse the escalating trade conflict resulting from the EU's decision to apply antidumping duties on wafers, cells and modules imported from China, the EU and China began official talks to discuss a compromise on June 21. The two parties have until August 6 to reach a deal. If the parties fail to reach a compromise by then, a punitive tariff of 47.6% will be applied to Chinese solar imports, which would effectively prevent Chinese companies from selling solar products on the European market. Chinese solar manufacturers exported €21 billion worth of wafers, cells and modules to the EU in 2012. © PHOTON



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